Team Spotlight: Angie Joerin, Chief People Officer

Ally Gsell
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We’re excited to welcome BurnRate’s Chief People Officer, Angie Joerin to the team!

As one of our first hires, we’re happy to have Angie on board to set the tone for BurnRate’s culture. Looking forward, we have someone to support our growing team and ensure we have enough fuel for the journey ahead. 🚀

Title: Chief People Officer

Location: Boulder, CO

Rapid Five Favorites!
  • Food - My late grandmother's rhubarb pie (no one makes it like she did!)
  • Book - “When Things Fall Apart” by Pema Chödrön
  • Movie - Tekkonkinkreet
  • Quote - “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” - C.G. Jung
  • Walk Out Song - “DARE” by Gorillaz

Why did you join BurnRate?

I was really impressed with the entire executive team’s dedication to creating a psychologically safe environment for the BurnRate team. My role was crafted in a way that allows me to combine my business coaching and clinical experience with an emphasis on organizational healing. The team's commitment to this has made me feel deeply valued and that makes my job really fulfilling.

What’s your main focus right now?

Right now, most of my role is centered around working directly with the executive team doing leadership therapy. I am helping to create a solid cultural foundation that will make people want to join the team and stay, and also make customers want to be part of the experience that we're creating.

What goals do you have while at BurnRate?

My long-term goal is to instill a positive leadership culture that stems down to the team level AND the customer level.

More than 60% of people leave their job because they don’t feel supported by, or in a trusting relationship with, their manager… I want everyone to feel comfortable voicing their ideas and opinions in a safe space, so that everyone can work through their blindspots to be better leaders and team members.

I’d also like to organize more forums and retreats to get the team together to talk about their well-being as not only a company but also as individuals.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for BurnRate?

We aren’t going to get any less busy! More complexity will be added. It’s up to us to learn how to regulate our own nervous systems to manage stress individually and collectively. For example, by practicing mindfulness exercises, we can center ourselves before entering challenging conversations that will lead to more successful outcomes.

Why do you think startups should hire a Chief People Officer as one of their first hires?

Ultimately, how a company is going to succeed stems from leadership; they make the choices. A lot of leaders vastly underestimate their level of self awareness and overestimate how much the team trusts them. The BurnRate executive team is a great example of a leadership team knowing they have blind spots and committing from the beginning to work through that in order to be the best leaders that they can be.

Burning desire for the team? 🔥

I want everyone to come into work feeling like they can be their most authentic self, like what they are doing is so in line with their personal values and passions that work creates a feeling of being in flow.

Fun Fact?

I’m trained in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. Learning about and working with plant medicine in a research capacity has allowed me to bring a lot more mindfulness to everyday life and realize that whatever stress we have in the moment, it will pass. I’ve also learned that we don't have to carry everything on our own... we can carry it collectively. That's been a big theme at BurnRate — asking for help when it's needed rather than doing it all on your own.

More About Angie

Based in Boulder, CO, Angie is a Psychotherapist focused on trauma, leadership, and culture training. She has over 10 years of experience in treatment and coaching for adults and families in community mental health, home-based, and office settings, combined with 6 years of consulting and startup work. She also serves as an ocean ambassador for the Inland Ocean Coalition and Climate Reality Project.

Angie brings her unique therapy experience having led human capital consulting services at Deloitte and managed multiple startup teams. She has seen first hand the value of creating a culture rooted in psychological safety and believes in creating a solid cultural foundation at the top level in order for it to stick. She creates a sense of calm amongst the chaos by bringing mindfulness to our everyday lives.

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