The app that helps companies survive
the scaling process.

Plan and execute around headcount, quota, and stack costs to get profitable faster.

4 out of 5 companies won't
reach their next stage.

Whether you're raising, you've raised already, or you're bootstrapped, managing growth is an impossible task.
One wrong move could be the difference between closing deals and closing your doors.
People are your most important resource. Plan accordingly.
Hiring has always been a tough tightrope to walk. But modern companies require more tech than ever to close deals and keep the business humming.

With all that complexity, how can you know for certain your next hires won't throw off the balance and send your company plummeting to the cold cement below?

With today's planning tools, you simply can't.
“We grew the team rapidly… The rate at which our bank balance was decreasing made us realize that we didn’t have a proper grasp of our financials.”


CEO, Buffer
“So what went wrong? Short answer: burn. Burn is that tricky thing that isn’t discussed much in the Silicon Valley community because access to capital, in good times, seems so easy.”


CEO, Zirtual
BurnRate is the platform that helps companies
collaboratively plan and execute on:
Make highly calculated decisions around sales quotas through the lens of the business as a whole.
Know exactly how many employees you need to hit quota, and exactly when you need them.
Get an in depth view of
how your teams’ SaaS subscriptions are affecting
the company’s ability to grow.
The tools you need to
Plan Effectively
BurnRate removes uncertainty by providing full visibility into your team and how it should be growing. Our proprietary algorithms go beyond averages to apply quotas and costs per-employee, giving you a vastly more accurate view of your financial trajectory than otherwise possible.
The tools you need to Collaborate Efficiently
BurnRate saves your team from the headaches and frustration of trying to coordinate quarterly goal-setting. Our streamlined process allows team members, investors, and other key stakeholders to collaborate on the company’s mission more efficiently.