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Hi there! 👋 We're BurnRate.

We're a small team of passionate people taking the hassle out of planning to help companies make it to their next stage of growth.

Our Thesis

Here's some facts you might not be aware of:

  • 81% of companies use spreadsheets for financial, hiring, and funnel planning.
  • 87% of spreadsheets have one or more errors.
  • 90% of companies fail to make it to the next stage of their journey.

Noticing a pattern here? We did too.

Fifty years and billions of dollars in venture capital have not meaningfully improved success rates for companies. We don't believe this is a result of crappy ideas, it's the result of leaders not having the tools to systematize their thinking. They get too focused on the product itself, and not focused enough on laying the groundwork for turning the product into a company.

But there's a deeper problem here too. You shouldn't need to be venture funded to get the help you need to scale your business. But for the thousands of under-represented founders out there, there are few options to help you get there.

Until now.

Our Mission

We are entrepreneurs at heart, and we're building BurnRate to help more companies succeed. The more businesses that thrive, the more people can be employed in high-paying jobs, and the fewer kids go hungry.

At a time when over 20M people are unemployed in the US alone, we're here to help companies save as many jobs as possible and chart their course for growth, and help the next generation of founders make fewer mistakes on their path to $1B.

Our Story

Founded in 2018 by Robert McLaws and Ben Segarra, BurnRate was built because it's the tool Robert desperately needed in his last startup.

Like most technical founders, Robert hated sales, and had no clue how to build a sales organization. But like all founders, he had to roll up his sleeves and figure it out. He learned three things that totally changed his worldview on business:

  • Out of your first 100 hires, 70% will likely be sales-related. Technical founders: that means you're not building a tech company, you're building a sales company.
  • Sales done right is the rigorous, repeatable engine of the business. That means it can be engineered to me more efficient, and you can teach it to engineers.
  • Having the wrong number of people on the team will kill your company, guaranteed. You'll either hire too fast and run out of money, or too slow and miss your targets.

Ben approached Robert to be an intern at his previous startup, and drove five hours to meet with him. After hearing Ben's story, Robert then informed him that the company was shutting down, but he had this idea around helping startups plan that he thought Ben might find interesting. Instead of getting pissed (as one might expect), Ben came back four days later with a mockup of what the app could look like. And the rest is history.

Ben & Robert spent two and a half years researching this problem with dozens of founders, sales leaders, and VC growth partners across the country. Several branding redesigns and over 500 software releases later, BurnRate went to private beta in October 2019, and production in April 2020... and it's been a whirlwind ever since!


Meet The Team

Robert McLaws

Co-Founder & CEO
Sci-fi lover, devoted husband, and father of three amazing daughters. Robert is a 20 year software veteran, serial founder, and 5-time Microsoft MVP who's shipped code for Microsoft, Google, and HP.

Ben Segarra

Co-Founder & CMO
Creator, designer, and rap connoisseur. Ben is a serial founder, marketing professional, and user experience wizard who has built and scaled multiple million-dollar B2C brands.

This could be you.

Interested in helping us reshape business in the 21st century? We're looking for people that:
- Take initiative
- Have a founder's mindset
- Like to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

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We'd love to talk with you! Email us at founders@burnrate.io for any reason and we'll get back to you ASAP.