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We're a small team of passionate people taking the hassle out of planning to help companies make it to their next stage of growth.


of companies use spreadsheets for financial, hiring, and funnel planning.


of spreadsheets have one or more errors.


of companies fail to make it to the next stage of their journey.
Our Thesis

Founding Teams Deserve Better

Fifty years and billions in venture capital have not meaningfully improved success rates for companies. This is not the result of crappy ideas, but of leaders not having the tools to systematize and validate their thinking. They get too focused on the product... but the company you're building is a product too, and you need to engineer it like one.

Our mission

Leveling The Playing Field

The deck is stacked against founders and revenue leaders, especially under-represented ones. Since their invention, spreadsheets have been the preferred tool to communicate between departments and with investors about the operation of the business.
But Excel is a complex programming language that not everyone has the opportunity to master, and spreadsheet mastery is not an indication of founder success. In fact, there are dozens of very simple ways that spreadsheet mistakes can actively kill your company.

We're here to help their teams effectively communicate their realistic and achievable visions for growth, without the hassle of fighting formulas. Because the tools to build amazing companies should be available to everyone, not just a select few.

At a time when over 11M people are unemployed in the US alone, and 94% of companies won't make it past Series A, we're here to help companies around the world save as many jobs as possible and chart their course for growth. In fact, we're helping our companies add over 1300 new jobs in 2020 alone! With the right tools, we can help the next generation of founders make fewer mistakes on their path to $1B and beyond.

We're building BurnRate to cut the company failure rate in half by 2030. Small changes in that rate make a massive difference.

The more businesses that thrive, the more people can be employed in high-paying jobs, and the fewer kids go hungry.

Our Story

Hello 👋 We're BurnRate!

Launched in 2020 by Robert McLaws, BurnRate was the tool Robert really needed in his last startup. Like most technical founders, he hated sales, and had no clue how to build a sales organization.

But like all successful founders, he had to roll up his sleeves & figure it out. He learned three things that totally changed his worldview on business:

Out of your first 100 hires, > 70% will be revenue-focused.

Founders: that means you're not building a tech company, you're building a sales & marketing company.

Departments focus too much on the thing, not on the people.

The main focus of every department should be recruiting, training, and retaining humans to do the thing.

The wrong number of people on the team will kill your company

You'll either hire too fast and run out of money, or too slow and miss your targets. Either way, you're another statistic.

Meet The Team

Robert McLaws
Founder & CEO
Sci-fi lover, devoted husband, and father of three amazing daughters. Robert is an award-winning 20-year software veteran and serial founder, bringing a decade of capacity planning to the world of sales.
Ben Segarra
Creator, designer, and rap connoisseur. Ben is a serial founder, marketing professional, and user experience wizard who has built and scaled several million-dollar DTC brands.
Angie Joerin
Ocean ambassador, curious mind, and culture champion. Angie is a Psychotherapist with 10+ years of experience guiding people and teams in reaching their potential across Fortune 500 companies and startups.
James Caldwell
Amateur chef, mentor, and 5th degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate. James is an actual ninja and Microsoft expert who has led teams and slayed code for the State of Florida for over 30 years.
Miles Prowse
Adrenaline junkie, artist, and crypto enthusiast. Miles is a decade-long revenue-leader with a thirst for adventure and gift for curiosity that helps turn sales reps into empathetic problem solvers.
Jonathan Nguyen
Account Executive
Tennis lover, pro poker player, and brand new father. Jonathan is an 11-year sales professional with a passion for delighting customers and making every interaction a memorable experience.
Angel Garay
Mountain biker, D&D Dungeon Master, and gamer. Angel is an award-winning architect and certified project manager, with a decade of experience shipping world-changing software.
Kaylee Hebenthal
Singer, multi-modal artist, and manga lover. Kaylee is a college student and a new entrant into the world of sales who is excited to bring her pursuit of excellence to bear on the challenges startups face.
This could be you.
Interested in helping us reshape business in the 21st century? We're looking for people that, take initiative, have a founder's mindset, and like to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

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