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BurnRate's revenue, demand, & headcount planning helps GTM teams like yours drive exceptional growth in any market condition.

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BurnRate is the only planning tool to help you drive true alignment between

How many eyeballs do we need for each of our offerings?
What should our quotas be and how many reps do we need?
Customer Success
How do we drive satisfaction and expansion revenue?

BurnRate answers the four questions every business needs to know

How will growth vary between our different offerings?
How many deals do we need to close to hit our targets?
How many people do we need on each team to get this done?
When do they need to be hired so we don’t waste money?
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Companies & VCs alike use BurnRate to build realistic go-to-market plans quickly

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“BurnRate has given us the ability to build models of multiple scenarios that help us predict when and where we may see revenue impacts, including rapidly building a new model when we’re thrown a curveball. And, with none of the risk of traditional modeling on a spreadsheet!”
Kelly Pronek
Director of DemandGen,
“I've spent the last 20 years reading, writing, and thinking about ways to accelerate revenue teams. Over the years what I've learned is without the right people, in the right roles, at the right time, companies will struggle and likely fail. The folks at BurnRate get this & have built a platform that can help you solve the 'people problems' we all struggle with.”
Doug Landis
Growth Partner, Emergence Capital
"I wish I knew about BurnRate sooner. It would have saved me several weekend late nights playing with excel models. Founders have been flying blind until now."
Will Allred
Co-Founder & COO, Lavender

Our models are powered by three simple concepts that spreadsheets simply can’t handle

Money doesn’t make itself, or spend itself. But that’s exactly how spreadsheets model businesses. Our People Algorithm™️ models the human capacity for work, so you can build the right size team at any stage.

You’re not going to sell to an SMB the same way you sell to an Enterprise customer. When you can map out the different strategies for each offering you sell, you can better track how the process should work, so you can continuously refine execution.

At scale, your business will handle thousands of transactions per year. That effort requires Swiss watchmaker-level precision. BurnRate is the only tool that can tell you down to the day when to make the necessary People moves to hit your targets three quarters from now.

Stop guessing and start getting sh*t done.
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Continuous Agility

Build accurate, actionable growth plans in minutes

See the individual steps needed to hit your targets
Forget complex formulas or clunky spreadsheets
Save 40+ hours of planning time per quarter
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Deliberate Execution

Gain insight into the future of your business

Unlock insights you can’t get from spreadsheets
Know down to the day how and when to hire
Plot what it takes to deliver consistent dealflow
Start hiring on time
Constant Alignment

Keep the entire team on the same page

Create game plans that build confidence
Streamline strategy between sales, marketing and CS
Collaboratively plan without “breaking the model”
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