Taking Control of Your GTM Plan with BurnRate's new Journey Editor

Robert McLaws
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It’s really easy for GTM leaders to get stuck in the weeds. But you don't have time for that, you need to be able to make adjustments quickly and get back to work.

Ever since BurnRate was conceived, we have been building towards a future where users would be able to build dynamic models that met their needs, while still providing guiderails to help GTM teams focus on the stuff that matters.

BurnRate 2.0 was the first step on that journey. It was a ground-up rewrite that took us from a rigid & simplistic revenue-driven model prototype to a fully dynamic system that describes how teams of humans make money.

You Asked For It

Since launching the ability to visualize customer acquisition, our customers have naturally asked us if they can customize their Journeys beyond our built-in templates.

Behind the scenes, our team has always been able to completely customize them for you by adding or removing steps, changing names, and so forth.

But that’s not as fun or powerful as being able to do it yourself.

So today, we take the next step on our own journey with release of BurnRate’s new Journey Editor.

The new Journey Editor in BurnRate 2.3

GTM Excellence, By Design

The Journey Editor is a Figma-inspired design surface that allows you to diagram exactly how your business should run.

As a GTM leader, your job is to show your team how to get results.

From simple Product-Led Growth motions to more complex cross-team Land and Expand sales cycles, the Journey Editor is our way to put the power you need directly in your hands, so you can get the results you need.

It’s the realization of a dream we had when we launched BurnRate back in 2020, and the result of hundreds of hours of work in the years since.

The Experience Today

We have a LOT we want to do with this new capability, but we’re too excited about it to keep it under wraps any longer.

So instead of taking a long time to develop it and then releasing a TON of functionality all at once, we we’re starting with a few small features & rapidly iterating based on your feedback.

In our first iteration, the system generates the diagram and connections for you from your existing setup and gives you the ability to change a Stage’s Name, the Category it’s associated with, the Department it’s assigned to, whether it’s a Stage that produces Revenue, and whether the Stage is Active.

While the other functions are self-explanatory, the last one has the effect of excluding the Stage from both the Customer Journeys conversions UI & the resulting calculations.

The refreshed Journey Metrics experience in BurnRate 2.3

What’s Next

As we evolve this feature over time, we’ll unlock the nodes and connections in the Editor so you can place nodes wherever you like, as well as create more advanced flows.

We want you to be able to add your own Stages so you can break up complex processes like Enterprise sales negotiations into smaller chunks.

We also want you to be able to show multiple Customer acquisition channels feeding into your pipeline, as well as be able to more accurately model the continuous cycle of renewals, upgrades, and churn that happens once a customer is acquired.

Finally, we’re going to use this canvas to bring more interesting read-only visualizations into editing your Scenarios, which we hope to share soon.

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